What We Do?

At C4CCI, we provide specialized services to stakeholders in the cultural and creative industries, contributing to the sector’s dynamics through various activities.

Innovation and Creativity:

  • We bolster cultural and creative potential through sector-specific innovation projects and creative solutions.

Collaborations and Project Management:

  • We fortify cultural collaborations between Turkey and the United Kingdom and take charge of managing joint projects.

Digital Strategies and Promotion:

  • We offer comprehensive digital strategies and promotional activities to enhance the interaction of art, design, and technology in the digital realm.

Training and Development Programs:

  • We bring the sector with qualified professionals through training and development programs tailored for the creative industries.




Our Expertise

Strategic Consultancy and Support:

  • We provide strategic consultancy services for institutions, universities and technology organisations.
  • Our team of experts in the creative economy develops strategies in various sectors to maximize the potential of institutions.

Project Management and Collaborations:

  • We undertake the management and coordination of projects focused on art, design and technology.
  • Ensuring the successful implementation of projects, we establish collaborations at national and international levels.

Education and Career Development:

  • Through collaboration with universities, we offer students career opportunities in creative industries.
  • We organise training programs on subjects such as art management, digital marketing and brand management.

Creative Economy Research and Studies:

  • We conduct sectoral research and prepare reports to assess the potential of the creative economy.
  • Through these research efforts, we analyse current trends and opportunities in the sector.

Event and Festival Organisations:

  • We bring together industry professionals by organising events and festivals in the fields of art, design and technology.
  • These events aim to create creative synergies by uniting industry leaders and new talents.

Digital Transformation and Innovation:

  • We support digital transformation in creative industries through technology-integrated projects.
  • Our goal is to contribute to the sector with innovative projects.

Content Creation and Marketing:

  • We help institutions tell their stories effectively by creating content focused on art, design and technology.
  • By developing marketing strategies, we ensure that creative projects reach large audiences.

Brand Management and PR:

  • We develop brand management and PR strategies to increase and promote the brand value of institutions.
  • Establishing media relations, we bring institutions closer to the public.

Communication Studies:

  • We enhance the interaction of institutions using digital and traditional communication channels.
  • We provide comprehensive services in areas such as press releases, social media management and event communication.

Local and International Collaborations:

  • We expand our global network by establishing collaborations with cultural and creative organisations in Turkey, the UK, and around the world.
  • We contribute to the sector through participation in international projects and cultural exchange programs.