About us

The Turkish British Center for Cultural and Creative Industries I C4CCI is an organisation dedicated to innovation, collaborations, and sustainable growth in the cultural and creative industries. Our goal is to contribute to the development of the creative economy by establishing an intercultural bridge between Turkiye and the United Kingdom. C4CCI is committed to fostering the birth of new and impactful projects within the realms of art, design, and technology, creating a platform that supports intercultural understanding. We strive to uncover creative potential in fields such as art, design, film, music, and digital technologies while supporting relevant entrepreneurs and institutions.

We serve as a platform offering news, events, and media services to organisations, with a focus on the creative and cultural industries. Through collaborations with art and cultural institutions, businesses, and artists, we promote their events to broad audiences and develop effective communication strategies. Simultaneously, we stay informed about significant developments in the sector and generate rich content covering art, design, and technology.

With a primary focus on the interplay between art, design, and technology, we track noteworthy developments both locally and internationally, disseminating innovations and trends within the sector. Emphasizing diversity in the art world, we actively support artists and cultural institutions.

At C4CCI, we firmly believe in the significance of cultural richness and creativity. We generate content by closely monitoring developments in these areas, confident that advancements in the creative industries will make valuable contributions to both the economy and society. Feel free to reach out to us to explore collaborations that align with this vision and bring them to fruition in the UK.

Let’s celebrate creativity, cultural diversity, and thriving through collaboration!

Our Purpose

  • Our aim is to introduce the creative potential and talents of our community, developed through its rich cultural heritage, to wider global audiences. We seek to encourage effective projects in the cultural industries. By supporting the strengthening of creative and cultural industries, we aim to reveal the community’s dynamism in this field and contribute to its becoming a more effective player in the global market.

Our Vision

  • As C4CCI, our vision is to support the sustainable growth of Turkey’s dynamic creative economy and increase the international impact of creative professionals of Turkish origin. Inspired by the UK’s creative environment, at C4CCI, we encourage cross-cultural interaction by creating a platform and using this vision to unlock the community’s potential.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to bolster the creative and cultural industries while fostering collaborations between the UK and Turkiye. We aim to elevate art, design, and technology within these fields. To achieve this, we strive to contribute to the industry by partnering with key stakeholders, organizing events, and engaging audiences through various media channels. We are dedicated to supporting artists, designers, and technology experts, enhancing their visibility on the global stage. We endeavor to assist them in undertaking internationally successful projects, reinforce artists and institutions in the sector through training and consultancy services, and foster the development of a transnational creative ecosystem.