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Nominate for Turkish British Center for Cultural and Creative Industries Podcast

Hosted by our Founding Editor, Ayla Torun, and our Editor in Turkey, Kevser Devecioğlu, our chart-topping podcast features candid conversations with leading artists and designers, offering invaluable insight and incredible stories to inspire creative professionals globally.

Turkey is bursting with creative potential, rooted in its rich history and diverse cultures. While the creativity of Turkish people is recognized worldwide, we acknowledge the need for more efforts to develop this potential and reach larger global audiences.

With years of involvement in the creative economy in Türkiye and the United Kingdom, we, as the Turkish British Centre, aim to become a strong global player. We want to work collaboratively to highlight the richness of Turkey’s creative economy and preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.

For the past five years, we’ve provided news and analysis about the creative economy in Turkey through our UK publication. Now, we aim to carry this experience into a corporate structure, expanding collaborations, developing projects, and sharing Turkey’s creative potential with the world.

Our perspective is to understand the enormous potential in the combination of creativity, culture, and technology. We foster innovation by bringing together expertise in these fields, creating a platform for new and effective projects that support intercultural understanding.

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