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The business & life magazine of Turkish and British business people;

'Turkish British Magazine' has just made its debut!

We have published our promotional edition in Turkish.

The printed version of our magazine will be published in English and delivered soon.

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Turkish British Magazine, 2nd issue. Turkish Edition

Turkish British Magazine, English Edition

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Turkish British Mag

Preparations for our first issue going on at lightning speed with tremendous excitement…

Our 84-page, 16x24-cm size magazine’s areas of interest includes the latest developments in the current affairs of the UK and Turkey; special interviews with people from a wide range of business sectors; news on economy, health, education, arts and culture; eye-opening advice on historical and cultural sites in the UK and Turkey; entrepreneurs and start-up companies; and special tastes. In sum, you’ll find everything on people and life itself in this magazine. 

Two Magazines Each Month

The first issue of our magazine will be released in Turkish on the 1st of May 2019. We also intend to publish the English version of the same issue on the 15th of May. 1000 Turkish and 5000 English copies of the “Turkish British” magazine will be circulated free of charge through a broad distribution network.

Let’s Grow Our Voice Together!

We look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions for our new magazine that we briefly summarised its general publishing policy and the reason for deciding to make its debut.

We can embark on joint projects in collaboration with you to make sure you and your business establish strong and mutually beneficial relations with the Turkish citizens and entrepreneurs in the UK in your marketing activities.

Please feel free to contact us for further details and all your enquiries.

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