Experience the Transformative Power of Cultural Exchange

Welcome to Turkish British Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries – C4CCI, where innovation, collaboration, and cultural richness converge. 

C4CCI is an organisation dedicated to innovation, collaborations, and sustainable growth in the cultural and creative industries. Our goal is to contribute to the development of the creative economy by establishing an intercultural bridge between Turkiye and the United Kingdom. 

C4CCI is committed to fostering the birth of new and impactful projects within the realms of art, design, and technology, creating a platform that supports intercultural understanding. We strive to uncover creative potential in fields such as art, design, film, music, digital technologies an more while supporting relevant entrepreneurs and institutions.

With a primary focus on the interplay between art, design, and technology, we track noteworthy developments both locally and internationally, disseminating innovations and trends within the sector. Emphasizing diversity in the art world, we actively support artists and cultural institutions. At C4CCI, we firmly believe in the significance of cultural richness and creativity.

Let’s celebrate creativity, cultural diversity, and thriving through collaboration!

Who We Are?

C4CCI is more than an organization; it’s a catalyst for change. We are a multidisciplinary hub that brings together visionaries, artists, entrepreneurs, and educators to collaborate, innovate, and push the boundaries of cultural and creative industries. With a deep understanding of the potential that lies in the intersection of culture, design, and technology, we strive to create opportunities for growth and global impact.

Our Vision

At C4CCI, we envision a world where the fusion of cultural heritage and creative endeavors fuels economic growth, fosters cross-cultural understanding, and propels visionary projects. Our commitment lies in crafting a sustainable and vibrant future for both Turkey and the UK through the transformative power of culture and creativity

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations in Turkey and the UK by providing unparalleled resources, fostering educational initiatives, and facilitating cross-border collaborations. We aim to be a driving force behind the elevation of cultural and creative industries, unlocking new possibilities and shaping a future where creativity knows no bounds.

Why C4CCI?
    • Expertise: Benefit from our wealth of expertise in cultural and creative industries, gained through years of experience and collaboration with industry leaders.
    • Innovation: Join a community that values and encourages innovation. At C4CCI, we believe in pushing the boundaries, exploring new ideas, and driving positive change.
    • Connections: Tap into a vast network of professionals, artists, and organizations. Our global connections open doors to unique opportunities and collaborations.
    • Education: Embrace a culture of continuous learning. C4CCI is committed to providing educational resources, workshops, and initiatives to empower the next generation of creatives.

Explore the possibilities with C4CCI, where culture meets creativity, and collaboration knows no borders. Join us on this exciting journey of growth, discovery, and transformation.