The Post Brexit British – Turkish relationship was discussed in London

As Britain and EU come closer to separation, the way Turkish – British relations will evolved after Brexit has been discussed at the meeting organised by the European Turkish Brands Association (ATMB).

Turkey’s London Trade Principal Consultants Tarık Sönmez and H. Murat Özsoy attended the “ Pre and Post Brexit Turkish-British Trade Relations and Brexit’s effect on our Trade Activities in the UK” meeting held at the IOD Business Centre in London City Center. In his presentation Tarık Sönmez, mentioned the possible relationship between Turkey and Britain after Brexit. The network event was attended by ATMB Chairman Cafer Mahiroğlu, Board Members Ahmet Ferruh Öncü, Vehbi Keleş, Zeynep Turudi, Mustafa Köker, Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry Director Yavuz Sökmen and representatives of the business world from various sectors

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Turkey’s always showed interest in the topic
In his comprehensive presentation; Turkey’s Trade Principal Consultant Tarık Sönmez drew the path of the trade relations between Britain and Turkey after Brexit.
Sönmez who stated that Turkey immediately established contact with the UK and always kept this issue on the agenda at technical committee, ministerial and prime ministerial level, underlined the fact that not much progress was made due to Turkey being an member of the customs union.
ATMB vice chairman Zeynep Turudi and Brand Expert Dr. H. Hakan informed the participants of the network event on the applications UK was preparing to implement after Brexit.
Zeynep Turudi gave a visual display of the new regulations prepared by the British institutions and advised on which institutions to be applied to for obtaining information on customs and tax regulations.
The event ended with the participants meet and greet part.