Sema Mann, Fashion designer

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Sema Mann, born in 1972 in Kocaeli, came to London in 2000 for university education. Mann, who started working in management and marketing department, decided that this department was not suitable for her. Her dialogue with the fashion never ended even in the period when she got married and had a child. After working as a freelancer with many fashion designers, she decided to start her Fashion education which was her main purpose in coming to the UK. In 2017, she completed her education in the Fashion Workshop department of University for the Creative Arts, which is one of the best fashion schools in the world. This school, which is a special department of creative arts, is located in Milan, Paris and London. Another difference of this department, which teaches the techniques of fashion designers such as Dior and Chanel unlike the department of fashion design, is that it uses special designs and personal molds instead of ready molds. Therefore, Mann has the privilege of creating customized products and making special designs.
Sema Mann, who founded her own workshop in early 2018, continues working in her own workshop. She mainly designs wedding dresses, evening dresses and dresses for invitations.
Sema Mann, who continues her artistic creation as a fashion designer, sums up what London means to her as follows: “Changing the norms and molds, going out of the mold, finding and putting things together, or wearing suits and sneakers… The comfort of people and their clothing styles are also indications of the freedom in London. So London means freedom to me. Of course, the dominant aspect for me is to change norms and molds because I look at it in terms of fashion.”