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Mobile Game Recontact: London is more exciting with Ross Mullan Born in Istanbul, encapsulated the World

Reaching more than 100 million users in 153 countries, the cinematic mobile game series Recontact takes place in the UK’s capital, London. Recontact: London features Game of Thrones Whitewalker Ross Mullan in the leading role.

Recontact: Istanbul, the first of the cinematic mobile games series, was developed by Recontact Games in Istanbul, and launched in 2015. The second one, Recontact: Istanbul Eyes of Sky, followed in 2017. Reaching more than 100 million users in 153 countries around the world with two games, Recontact is now returning to the mobile gaming world with its first international project, Recontact: London.
Recontact received an investment of 1 million 750 thousand TL, with a valuation of 22 million TL, before launching its 3rd game in London. Recontact: London, the 3rd in the cinematic mobile game series developed by Recontact Games in Istanbul, features British actor Ross Mullan, who played the Whitewalker in the popular Game of Thrones series and made an impression with his roles in projects such as Doctor Who and Clash of Titans, by his performances as the lead role. Mullan had previously been involved in another mobile game, Clash of Titans.

You are the leader of London’s Cybercrime unit in the game.
Recontact: London features major changes, in comparison to the other games in the series. The biggest difference of the new game is that we are playing ourselves, instead of playing a game character. You will be the leader of London’s Cybercrime unit. The game, by remaining true to the roots of the series, features cinematic sections and realistic video puzzles, as well as a hidden object finding game that involves trying to find suspects through CCTV cameras. By using AR technology that offers 5 brand new, different, video-based puzzles, the game adds a different reality to crime investigation scenes.
In the previous game, Eyes of Sky, the cyber crime organisation called Recontact, and made crimes look like as if they were committed by different people, by manipulating the security cameras. In London, things become more serious and mysterious than one might think. The designer, script writer and director of the game is Eray Dinç, the producer is Simay Dinç, and leader of the development team is Can Aksoy. The biggest success of the team, who embarked on their journey with the motto of “Playable Arts”, is building cinematic films on videos, and using techniques that directly involve game dynamics, rather than multiple-choice storytelling.

4. The Game is in Tokyo
Successful businesswoman Simay Dinç, co-founder of Recontact Games and producer of the Recontact game talked about Recontact:London and said “We are bringing crime scene investigation to your desktop thanks to the ARKit technology, introduced at the Apple Developer Conference and led us to a completely new direction. We are combining the photogrammetry technique with ARKit and we plan to offer a completely different experience”.
Dinç announced that they will release Recontact: Tokyo, the 4th Game of the series, in the second quarter of 2020 following the release of Recontact: London in October 2019. The game market in the world is worth 137 billion dollars. 56 billion dollars of this comes from mobiles, while 20 billion dollars comes from tablets. There are 30 million players in Turkey and 15 million of them spend money on games. However, the number of developers is very small. More than half of mobile game players are women.

Recontact swept the awards

Recontact:Istanbul, released in 2015, has reached 80 million people worldwide, despite being available only in the AppStore. Eyes of Sky, released in 2017 reached 25 million people. The two games are played by over 100 million people in 153 countries. The first game attracted unprecedented attention in China and Russia. In fact, a newspaper in China, featured it as “Eye in the Sky” in their news article which In turn led the second game being called“Eyes of Sky”. In Russia, YouTubers discovered and spread the game. For Eyes of Sky, the team worked with Ahmet Ümit and the game featured Fikret Kuşkan.
Recontact Games’ cinematic mobile game series was awarded the best game in Turkey in 2015 by Apple. It won the Best App award at the New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2017. It was awarded Best Meaningful Play at the International Mobile Gaming Awards, held in San Francisco in 2018.

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