IMECE Women’s Center Celebrates its 40th anniversary

IMECE Women’s Center that has been operating in London since 1982 continues to empower women with five different services.

IMECE Women’s Center, which fights against all kinds of VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls), is preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Established in London in 1982, the women-only center has been empowering and supporting Turkish, Kurdish, Turkish Cypriot, BAMER (Black, Asian, Ethnic minority, Refugee), and immigrant women to improve their quality of life.

IMECE Women’s Center has five key services responding to the practical, social, emotional, intellectual, financial, and other needs of women with a holistic approach: Advice and Information, Therapeutic, VAWG, Training and Volunteering.

Advice and Information Service provides guidance, information and consultancy regarding issues such as social benefits, income maximization, debt, domestic violence, homelessness, housing and care, health, education, work, neighbor dispute etc.

In the Counseling Service, counselors create a safe, private, non-judgmental space that allows women to explore the effects of the violence they experience. IMECE counselors offer a variety of therapy techniques such as EMDR, Focus, Somatic Experience, CBT, Psychodynamic and Existential techniques. Bilingual IMECE counselors work in accordance with the principles of the British Counseling and Psychotherapy Association.

The VAWG Service (Violence Against Women and Girls Service) combats all forms of violence (physical, emotional, economic, digital, etc.) against women. This service provides support for women on specific risk assessment, safety planning, practical and emotional support, and referral to crisis centers. The VAWG service works to prevent domestic violence, provide support when violence occurs, reduce the risk of recurrence of violence, and bring perpetrators to justice.

Furthermore, IMECE Women’s Center regularly organizes trainings for experts, schools, parents, municipalities, and non-governmental organizations in order to increase social awareness about VAWG. With its volunteering project, the center offers volunteering opportunities to Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriot women who want to gain work experience and make a career in the women’s sector. IMECE volunteers gain knowledge and experience on employment skills, personal development opportunities, networking and experience sharing, business/professional English skills and CV development.

IMECE in numbers

In 2020-2021 period, IMECE Women’s Centre;

Provided VAWG crises intervention and case work to 427 women across to VAWG services.

Delivered 4075 therapy sessions.

Delivered 1885 one to one telephone advice, information and navigation sessions.

Supported 115 women with No Recourse to Public Funds.

Gave VAWG training 111 professionals.

Supported migrant and refugee women in 22 Boroughs.

241 women attended the Women’s Workshops.

Delivered Healthy Relationships Workshops to 209 young people.

IMECE Women’s Workshop

IMECE organizes a free online Women’s Workshop on different topics every week. Various topics concerning women are discussed in this workshop that is held for Turkish, Kurdish, Turkish Cypriot and Turkish speaking women over the age of 18. IMECE Women’s Workshop is held every Wednesday between 11.30-13.00 on Zoom.

To join the workshop e-mail to