Hope for the Ankara Agreement case at the UK the Court of Appeal

The lawsuit filed against the amendment of the conditions of permanent residence of Turkish entrepreneurs in the Ankara Agreement and its retrospective application which our magazine is following, was moved to the Court of Appeal.

The amendment of the conditions of permanent residence of Turkish entrepreneurs and its retrospective application under the Ankara Agreement with the UK Ministry of the Interior has been on the agenda of the United Kingdom for more than two years.
The public trial that our magazine has been following since the first day was brought before the Court of Appeal for a new examination on the grounds that it had caused harms to Turkish businesspeople. The legal battle to appeal against the amendments adopted in March 2018 concern about 10,000 Turkish citizens.
In March, the British Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Turkish citizens who objected to a retrospective amendment to the permanent settlement conditions.
In June and July 2018, new rules were published. After the objections and the judicial struggle, the case was sent back for re-examination by the Court of Appeal.
The appeal case against the Home Office will be held on 26 March 2020 at the Court of Appeal.

“We expect a fair and lawful decision”
Yaşar Doğan of Redstone Solicitors who’s representing Turkish citizens since the beginning of the legal struggle, made the following statement after the court decided to re-examine the case:
“Our appeal to the Court of Appeal of March 2019 is awaiting the court’s final decision. The Court of Appeal of England gave leave to appeal and paved the way for a re-examination of the case. The judge who gave the decision, found the case worth reviewing thus approved the appeal to the Court of Appeal and said the policy change made by the Home Office had negative effects on a large number of Turkish business people. The granting of a leave means that the case will be re-examined by the Court of Appeal and resolved. We will now wait for a date to be fixed for the substantive hearing.”
Doğan stated that the parties would make their defense after the trial date will be fixed and said, “We hope; the unfair decision of the Supreme Court will be replaced by a Court of Appeal that will take a fair and lawful decision that will relieve us.“

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