Energy industry meets in İstanbul

Actors of the global energy industry will meet in İstanbul in October. Turkey Energy Forum which will celebrate its 10th year will discuss Turkish energy market in detail and offer new investment opportunities to the participants.

Heart of the Turkish energy industry will beat in İstanbul. The 10th Turkey Energy Forum to be held at Shangri-La Bosphorus Hotel in İstanbul between October 2 and October 3, 2019 will bring the local and foreign substantial actors of the energy industry together.
The 10th Turkey Energy Forum sponsored by Foreign Economic Relations Board, British Chamber of Commerce and Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce is organized by EEL Events based in the United Kingdom. Turkish British Magazine is one of the media sponsors of the event.
The projections, opportunities and risks in the energy industry in Turkey will be addressed at the forum. Local and international investors and project developers and implementers will approach the Turkish energy industry from all aspects. The last market researches reveal that the energy system in Turkey needs to be restructured urgently with new energy resources.
Emine Acar, Senior Project Manager at EEL Events underlines the renewable energy potential of Turkey. “Turkey already generates wind energy of over 7 GW and solar energy of 5.5 GW. Most of the said power plants began to operate in the last five years. Despite exhibiting a rapid increase, wind and solar energy generated corresponds to a small amount, considering Turkey’s total installed power of 80 GW.
Turkey is an advantageous country with regard to renewable energy, because it has a great potential for both wind and solar energy.
The government plans to raise the rate of renewable energy resources. This is a chance for the energy investments. Turkey wants to reduce the price that it pays for electricity generation, since half of the country’s energy is obtained from import gas and coal. This figure is crucial for Turkish economy which grows annually by 5-6%. That’s why I believe that governmental incentives will continue and even rise,” says Acar.

Energy industry meets in İstanbul

Turkey: Land Of Opportunities
Acar highlights the niche areas in energy industry which still require investment. “Surface of the lakes in the country can still be used for solar power plants. Besides, solar power plants can be built on the lands which are not used for agriculture or do not contain forests, as well. Off-shore potential of the wind farms can still be put into use. Therefore there are great opportunities, considering such economic conditions and the renewable potential of the country. Another advantage of investing in Turkey is that know-how and educated labor force in the country are ready for designing and operating the solar and wind power plants,” adds she.

Turkey Energy Forum with figures
• 1,182: Number of the companies that attended the forum within 10 years
• 82 percent: High-level attendance
• 45: Number of the speakers at the forum held in 2018
• 200: Number of the tweets posted in 2018
• 187: Number of the agreements and sponsorships signed
• 77 percent: Attendance for more than once
Main agenda items of the 10th Turkey Energy Forum in which effect of the legal regulations about energy on investments will be discussed as well are as follows:
Restructuring of Turkey’s debt in energy industry
Roadmap of the renewable energy industry in Turkey
Development of solar energy investments and facilities
Right financing sources for the energy projects
Activities of the Asian banks in the region
Order and regulations

Digitalization in the energy industry

The event provides participants the opportunities to know Turkish energy market better, conduct one-to-one interviews and make new investments.
Board Member of Industrial Development Bank of Turkey Mithat Rende, IC İçtaş Enerji President of the Energy Group Korkut Öztürkmen, Managing Director of Gama Enerji Tamer Çalışır and Country Manager of IFC Turkey Arnaud Dupoizat are among the speakers of the event which will last two days.

Profile of the participants
Participants of the event held last year consisted of the energy developers (47%), banks and international financial institutions (20%), legal and consultancy companies (17%) and energy producers (11%).
Of the participants, 37% were partner, general manager or deputy general manager while 28% contained CEOs, CFOs and COOs.