Amazon start E-Commerce from Turkey to Europe

Amazon, who recently started their activities in Turkey, have just announced that it will start E-commerce activities from Turkey to Europe. A massive selection of locally made products, ranging from textile to fashion, electronics to personal care will be available at for Europeans.

Richard Marriott, Country Manager for Amazon Turkey, have stated that they’ve started this endeavour to help strengthen Turkish SMEs ( Small-Medium Enterprises ). Now, Amazon will enable the local enterprises, who are the backbone of Turkish economy, to sell their products to millions of active customers in 28 European countries including Germany and England.

Marriott states that being able to export goods directly to European customers is a massive milestone for Turkish SMEs. “ Amazon has been one of the biggest supporters entrepreneurs and retailers in every country, ever since its inclusion of retailers to its body in 2000. We continue our efforts to make retailers even more successful, we try to find new ways of helping them with their workloads and help them sell more products” states Marriott.
Amazon have spent billions of dollars to improve their infrastructure and technical services in order to help SMEs and large entrepreneurships find new customers throughout the world. With the activation of e-commerce program, Turkish SMEs will not only be able to sell in categories, but also will be able to sell any product in any category that is included in Amazon’s European site.

No matter the size of the business, e-commerce program is easily enrollable by applying to Amazon’s registration page. It enables retailers to sell their products to European customers.