Digital marketing is reshaped with artificial intelligence!

The chatbots which can speak all languages chat with customers and answer their questions 24/7. Enterprises should take action quickly in order to not miss out on this opportunity!

Redtech Digital established by Ayşe Ülgen renders digital marketing and web design services to small and medium-sized enterprises. The UK-based company offers almost all services which raise the visibility of small and medium-sized enterprises on internet. Nevertheless, companies should utilize emerging technologies to adapt to their competitors and changing customer needs in this competitive environment. Considering this point, Redtech Digital, developed artificial intelligence-based chatbots and is using them quite effectively in marketing activities and increasing of customer satisfaction. How? Details are given below…

Don’t miss the boat!
Thanks to the applications such as Facebook and Whatsapp, instant messaging has become an essential part of our lives. Namely, it is especially the habit of new generation… This fact shapes artificial intelligence technologies as well. With recent developments, chatbots began to be smarter. In this way, reaching final consumer with messaging application and raising visibility of these messages became easier for marketers. According to statistics, the possibility to read the messages sent via the messaging programs is 80% higher. Chatbots started to play a quite effective role in obtaining several fundamental information to respond a question sent to customer services, and in various stages of marketing.
Ülgen believes that chatbots will set the rules of digital marketing game again. She suggests that enterprises should catch up the chatbot opportunity timely.

What is Chatbot?
Chatbot is actually a computer program which allows for the automatization of several tasks via a chat interface. Basically, this program simulates how a person in real life will behave through reciprocal dialogues. It uses artificial intelligence to manage complex demands and interactions with more personal answers and more naturally. With the machine learning called Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI robots can be utilized in various fields such as customer support applications, finding potential customers or increasing customer interaction and transformation.

Hi, this is a Chatbot!
Founder of Redtech Digital, Ayşe Ülgen remarked that AI robots are applied in many fields, particularly beauty and therapy centres, health and fitness centres, automotive and vehicle sales dealers, universities and educational institutions, electronic trade and online shops.
A chatbot can elementarily fulfil any task, including welcoming customer, making appointment, giving instant answers to frequently asked questions and receiving request of the customer. Thus, customer satisfaction can be increased by allocating more effective and qualified time to potential customers. In this way, an enterprise which can interact with the customers instantly can generate potential customers 24/7 and support the marketing and sales channel continuously with chatbot by integrating the potential customers into the existing sales and marketing channels.

Become visible with artificial intelligence!
“Some people think live chat applications will be sufficient, but I strongly disagree with this opinion, considering the benefits of chatbot such as achieving the same service quality 24/7 and high customer satisfaction,” said founder of Redtech Digital, Ülgen.
Ülgen drew attention to that the AI robot can speak all languages other than right-to-left languages. She stated that any team member does not have such qualifications. Chatbots does not only provide time and cost savings, but also positively affect SEO rules which contain the principles of being on top in search engines. As the visitor spends longer time on web site, ranking of the site become closer to top in search engine.
Ülgen specified that investment in AI is a substantial opportunity for the enterprises that want to become an innovative and customer-driven brand. Lastly, she recommended that the companies should not miss this opportunity.

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