Doruk Ltd UK / Afis Communications

The ‘Turkish British’ magazine is issued by the UK branch of Doruk Limited Company / Afis Communication, which was founded in Turkey in 1991. Afis Communication is one of the most reputed companies in the fields of corporate publishing and advertising in Turkey. Afis Communication has produced over 500 hundred corporate publications, notably for the businesses working in the health and food sectors, NGOs, universities, municipalities and government agencies. In particular, our company is proud of its professional expertise in content generation, communication strategy, design and marketing.

Doruk Limited Company established its London office in 2017. It maintains its business operations both in London and Istanbul. The company’s most distinctive privilege is its 30 years of experience in the publishing and media sectors.

Besides, as part of our final preparations before issuing the first issue, a publication and advisory board were formed, consisting of Turkish citizens in the UK, especially those working in the advertising, marketing communication, IT, media, art, economy, finance sectors and other relevant fields. ‘Turkish British’ magazine enjoys massive support from the public and civil society organisations based in both the UK and Turkey. In addition, a young and energetic team of Master’s and PhD students students studying in various top London universities also contribute to the magazine in different capacities.


About Afis Communication

AFS Communication has been founded in 1991 and continue to work in the fields of corporate publishing and advertising. We have produced publications for more than 500 institutions in Turkey. Numerous publications for the business world, health and food business, NGOs, universities, municipalities, and governmental institutions carry our signature.

In 2017, our company has expanded abroad by establishing a branch in London. We continue our works both in London and Istanbul. The most important privilege we have is our 25-year experience in the publishing and media sector… We have built up a robust network with numerous individuals and institutions, and still, continue to expand our network. Considering the works we have done, the networks we have established and the relations we are maintaining, we, as AFS Communication, believe that it is high time we debut a magazine that would represent the Turkish-speaking community living in the UK.