Burç Talug UX – UI Designer

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Burç Taluğ, who graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design in 1997, has more than 20 years of work experience. During his school years, he started his business life with a design studio which he founded with a group of classmates and won awards in various competitions. After graduation, he started to work as an art director in an agency in Istanbul. During this period, some of his works were awarded with the Crystal Apple award. In the same period, he made creative works and consultancy for institutions such as Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, Alarko Alsim and Istanbul Biennale.
Burç Taluğ, who switched to interactive design area due to his interest in technology, worked in many commercials as a special effects expert in post production as well as web design. He encountered with the concept of user experience while working as a portal services manager at Superonline.com. In 2007, he started working in Ibtech as interface manager (UI) and user experience (UX) design team manager, and he took part in more than 250 software projects, including the design of Enpara digital banking project UX in ten years.
In 2017, Taluğ moved to London and founded his own consulting company which mainly focused on banking applications. Taluğ summarizes the interface design and user experience design as the works on designing the process and interaction that determines how the consumer can use the products in the most efficient way or how to meet a physical or digital product. Taluğ, states that UX – UI design, which consists of the intersection of many professional disciplines, is related to fields such as art-design, sociology, psychology, ergonomics, neuro-psychology, software engineering and research, and continues to say that; “I prefer works where I can communicate with all stakeholders of the project myself and take part in every step of the project instead of projects where the design is identified as just one step of the project. The design of the user experience has already been positioned in this way in the world.”
Taluğ mentions about the meaning of London for himself as follows; “London is literally the equivalent of the word ‘cosmopolitan’. You have the chance to meet and work with professionals from every country in the world and it offers a very important experience. The experience I gained in the last year is very valuable for me in this respect. Since I came here, I have had the chance to meet and work with people from 13 different countries. The most striking aspect of my profession is that no project is like the previous one. Continuous learning and self-renewal are great motivations for life.