Atakan Ilgazdağ Advertisement-Film Music Producer

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Film-Series-Advertisement Music Producer Atakan Ilgazdağ, who had Crystal Apple, Golden Butterfly and many more similar awards so far, has moved to London with his family last year after his 20-year professional career in Turkey. Now he continues to work in London, which he calls “the homeland of good music”. There is music in every period of the life of Atakan Ilgazdağ who was born in Izmir in 1976. Ilgazdağ, who started to be interested in music during his elementary school years, took his first steps into the music world with TRT İzmir Children’s Choir. Then the Youth Choir and then 9 Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts Sound Engineering… Ilgazdağ, who came to İstanbul at his 20s after İzmir, started collecting awards after a few years.
Ilgazdağ defines his work as “music production for multimedia”. Ilgazdağ, who says “I write music in dynamic areas such as TV, radio, cinema, and the game industry” and continues as “I have been given awards such as Christal Apple and Golden Butterfly. Then, juries, interviews in industry magazines, etc. I produced sound logos for many national and international brands, for example, if I murmur ‘ooo Bekko’, you will immediately remember Beko which is a well known world brand in England. With its simple yet impressive jingle consisting of 4 notes, it is in the memory of many people for almost 15 years…”
Ilgazdağ tells the pleasant and difficult sides of his work too… Ilgazdağ says “The pleasant side of my job is that you use your creativity in a different way every day; one day I produce something jazzy for an ad, and the next day I examine arabesque pieces for a TV series, and then I find myself sorting into elements.”
Ilgazdağ, who said “In this case, being able to remain simple is one of the most difficult aspects of being a media composer”, continues as follows: “Simple does not mean easy as anyone who is involved in creative works will know. In my work, simple means bringing a work which you make professionally in a manner that can be listened by an average listener. Regardless of it being TV series, movies, commercials or games, you are expected to describe the product in an auditory dimension and in the shortest time possible.”
Ilgazdağ, who continues his works in London, says “London and this island have always been the homeland of good music. Most of the artists I’ve loved and been impressed with since I was a child are from here. I like catching people in the ear, hooking them. England is an island country, I think it is a nice combination… I think everything will be very nice!”

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