ABTIC Reviews Post-Brexit Turkey-UK Investment and Work Opportunities

The Association of British-Turkish Investment and Construction (ABTIC) held its annual meeting this year in Canary Wharf. Post-brexit investment and commerce opportunities, as well as issues with employment and skilled workers with Ankara Agreement visas were among the issues discussed.

Formed in late 2018 by its first chairman Kerem Yavuzarslan, ABTIC aims to bring together people of Turkish origin, particularly in the construction and investment sectors, with local, national and international investors to widen their investment opportunities and communities.
Beginning his talk by celebrating Turkish National Sovereingty and Children’s Day on 23 April, Yavuzarslan explained the aims of the Association of British-Turkish Investment and Construction to be the bringing together of like-minded businesspeople, to create opportunities and to stimulate investment and joint ventures between Britain and Turkey. Yavuzarslan also stated that ABTIC had professional members who could help Turkish firms looking for investors or contractors to a in new or current projects in the UK. “We came together in six months by holding small meetings where we introduced ourselves to our members. In the coming days, we are aiming to hold a large event with wide engagement in order to increase the size of our organisation,” says Yavuzarslan.
At the meeting, Vice Chairman Okay Hayvacı emphasised their aim to be unity with new members, to develop connections and joint ventures with members and overseas investors who want to invest in the UK, to incentivise sector-specific standards and ethical commerce, to stand up for and support contractors and investors, to inform members with different sources, forms of communication and contacts and to provide information relevant to the construction sector. Hayvacı said, “we want to make sure our members are in a position to compete in the UK market by assisting development projects and the best possible practices.” To achieve this, Hayvacı said that they had constant information communication with their members and that they continuously followed contemporary developments.

The Association of British-Turkish Investors & Contractors, or ABTIC for short, aims to develop co-operation between the countries of the United Kingdom (UK, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and Turkey, in the fields of construction, investment and other sectors. It also works with members to improve the sector for the future. Formed by active participants and companies in the construction and investment sector as a non-profit organisation, the executive board of the Association of British-Turkish Investors & Contractors is as follows: Chair Kerem Yavuzarslan (Katrin Properties Ltd), Vice Chairman Okan Hayvacı (Tramar Group), General Secretary Onur Levent (Fulham Timber Merchants ve Alven Contractors Ltd) and board members Bülent Kandemir (Intra Private Finance), Can Yavuzarslan (Altitude Contractors Ltd), Kurtuluş Sarak (Arlington Crown Solicitors), Metin Susuz (Met Development Ltd) and Soner Akman (Ackman Architecture + PM).


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