A ‘Plan B’ for health: “Treatment Abroad”

The search for international alternatives in the health and personal care sector is becoming increasingly common. In a World with less borders where information and travel have become easier, Plan B is providing ‘infinite’ health services.

Plan B Health: “A Global Market”
Plan B Health Travel Services is a London-based start-up that works as an online digital platform for health-related travel.
Aiming to provide a transparent health tourism platform for patients all over the world to connect with doctors and health centres across all desired countries, Plan B is first working to build trust – one of the most important factors – among its British patients. As the representative of over 100 healthcare centres in London, the founder of Plan B Ayla Torun offered this explanation of her project.
“Humanity has always been chasing after health. It has always aimed to be where the well-qualified doctors are. For close to 40 years, there has been a day-to-day increase in the number if people travelling abroad for treatment. There is a growing competition between countries and health centres. With the digital revolution that has changed the world following the introduction of the internet to our lives, this has also led to an important development in the health sector. With the digital health alternative, access to health opportunities have changed. Innovative solutions are now needed by this sector, which has now become global.
With the view that it is not difficult for anyone anywhere in the world to get access to the best doctors and health services, we have applied the “digital health” concept to our start-up project.
Being aware of the importance of global investment in an increasingly digitalised world, we have established Plan B Health Travel Services in London, one of the world’s most important financial centres.

How does Plan B provide its services?
Torun explains the services offered by Plan B as follows. “By lifting the borders, we give access to health services to everyone who needs it.
We connect patients all over the world to the best doctor and the best address where they can obtain their preferred treatment. We bring together all the participants in the health sector – doctors, patients and hospitals – under one roof. In doing so, we have created a platform not only or the patient, but also a showcase for doctors and health institutions to increase their visibility. For the patient, we are reducing the time it takes to search for a doctor, hospital and treatment method. We also are responsible for all communications within the target audience of health institutions.
Predicting the market for patients seeking private healthcare in the UK to be worth £620 million, Torun says, “this potential makes incentivising medical travel a convenient and important market. We are following and analysing all the dynamics.”

The first investment: Digital health
Ayla Torun wrapped up with the following words, “As a start-up project, Plan B Health Travel Services is destined to be a well-thought and UK-based success. Digital health and medical tourism projects are some of the most favourable projects in the eyes of investors. We are continuing our meetings with our partners and investment groups. The UK is a good market and we are continuing to work with the aim of being a good actors within this market.”


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