• July 16, 2024

It All Starts with a Smile: Your Most Valuable Accessory

 It All Starts with a Smile: Your Most Valuable Accessory

Studies show that love begins not at first sight, but at first smile. According to orthodontist Dr. Aylin Sezen Yalçın, a warm and beautiful smile is the leading actor in the story of love. Referring to a study conducted in the United States, Dr. Yalçın states that people are first attracted to each other’s smiles when they meet. The study further reveals that during an encounter, people pay attention to eyes second and breath odor third.

A smile plays a crucial role in making a lasting first impression, often more powerful than initial eye contact. This impact depends on smiling with self-confidence, which requires healthy teeth.

“Love begins not at first sight, but at first smile. Your smile boosts your self-confidence and creates positive feelings around you.”

Dr. Yalçın describes smiling as a natural healer that increases self-confidence, evokes positive emotions in others, and enhances the release of the happiness hormone endorphin. She says, “We receive many patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth when they smile. While we treat urgent and painful conditions, we also create perfect smiles with personalized ‘smile design’ treatments.”

Seven Essential Treatments to Transform Your Smile

  1. Orthodontic Treatment: Highly recommended for teenagers and young adults, this treatment provides a healthy and new smile within approximately one year.
  2. Ceramic Veneers: Thin porcelain coverings placed over teeth offer a natural and aesthetic appearance.
  3. Aesthetic Fillings (Bonding): This method, used to correct minor imperfections in teeth, provides quick and effective results.
  4. Gum Contouring: Ensuring the gums are at the correct level is crucial for a healthy smile.
  5. Smile Design and Botox: Designing a smile that best suits your facial features and supporting it with botox when necessary.
  6. Teeth Whitening: Achieving a brighter smile by lightening your teeth by several shades.
  7. Dental Implants: Used to replace missing teeth, this method offers a natural look and functionality.

Tips for Fresh Breath:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day and use dental floss.
  • Do not neglect cleaning your tongue.
  • Include fluoride-containing mouthwashes in your oral care routine.
  • Do not ignore the maintenance of prostheses, implants, and fillings; do not delay treatments.
  • Increase your saliva flow by consuming vegetables and fruits, and dairy products.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Do not skip your dental check-up every six months.
  • Chew sugar-free gum for 10 minutes after meals.

Dental Treatment in Turkey

Dr. Aylin Sezen Yalçın from Dentram Dental Clinics, one of Turkey’s most respected dental clinics located in Istanbul, offers the following message about dental treatment:

“For those considering dental treatment in Turkey, please follow and research the boutique and quality clinics in Turkey. Health is paramount. Health cannot be advertised. Especially in clinics where treatments are performed at low prices by doctors who do not maintain continuity, factory-style dental treatments can cause problems for you in the future. Therefore, we guide all patients who want to be treated in Turkey and ensure they receive quality services.”

By applying treatments for dental health and aesthetics, you can boost your self-confidence and lead a happier life. Dentram Dental Clinics is one of Turkey’s most respected dental clinics, offering services with high-quality standards.

About Dentram Dental Clinics

Dentram Dental Clinics provide services in all branches of dentistry, including implants, orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, digital and aesthetic dentistry. Established in Istanbul in 1994, the clinic offers services from its branches on Bağdat Street and in Levent. Our clinic, equipped with the latest technologies, aims to provide high-quality and reliable services to our patients.