• July 16, 2024

AI Tomorrow Summit 2024: Strengthening Türkiye-UK AI Collaboration

 AI Tomorrow Summit 2024: Strengthening Türkiye-UK AI Collaboration

Held on May 23-24, the AI Tomorrow Summit 2024 served as a crucial platform to strengthen the collaboration between Türkiye and the United Kingdom in the field of artificial intelligence. Organized by the Artificial Intelligence Policies Association (AIPA), the event featured key figures from both countries discussing the future of AI, leadership, innovation, and security. Moderated by London Consul Koray Ertaş, the session included UK Ambassador Jill Morris, Türkiye’s Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Ahmet Yozgatlıgil, and Vodafone’s Director of Big Data and AI Daniel Rodríguez Sierra.

AI Collaboration Between Türkiye and the United Kingdom

In his opening remarks, Koray Ertaş emphasized the importance of AI collaboration between Türkiye and the United Kingdom. He highlighted the great potential both countries have in the AI sector and the importance of leveraging this potential for innovation and economic growth. Ahmet Yozgatlıgil provided insights into Türkiye’s AI strategy, stressing the need for international cooperation to support national AI strategies.

Yozgatlıgil emphasized Türkiye’s goal of establishing a globally recognized AI ecosystem. He highlighted Türkiye’s commitment to ethical and safe AI usage through national strategies and stressed the importance of international cooperation to achieve these goals. Yozgatlıgil also outlined Türkiye’s AI roadmap, focusing on human-centered values and strategic priorities such as increasing AI-related employment opportunities and strengthening infrastructure.

The UK’s AI Approach

Jill Morris discussed the UK’s leadership role in AI, detailing the government’s various regulations and incentives to ensure the responsible and secure development of AI technologies. Morris noted that the UK has become a major innovation hub, hosting numerous AI companies from around the world. “The UK is creating a world-leading innovation business environment for responsible AI use,” said Morris.

Morris also emphasized the importance of regulatory frameworks based on principles of transparency, accountability, and inclusivity. These regulations aim to balance innovation with safety and reliability. She highlighted the UK’s efforts in international cooperation to establish global AI principles and frameworks, ensuring that AI technologies benefit society as a whole.

The Future of AI and Innovation

Daniel Rodríguez Sierra highlighted the transformative impact of AI on the business world. He emphasized that AI presents both risks and significant opportunities, stressing the need for proper management of this technology. “AI enhances efficiency by automating business processes and creates new job opportunities,” said Sierra.

Sierra discussed the inevitability of AI integration in the business world and its potential to further embed itself in the future. He also addressed the ethical and security concerns associated with AI, emphasizing that these issues can be resolved through international cooperation. Sierra highlighted how AI will introduce new business models and transform existing operational models.


The AI Tomorrow Summit 2024 provided an essential platform to enhance AI collaboration between Türkiye and the United Kingdom and share best practices in this field. The session, featuring Koray Ertaş, Jill Morris, Ahmet Yozgatlıgil, and Daniel Rodríguez Sierra, demonstrated the strong potential for AI technology cooperation between the two countries.

Türkiye and the United Kingdom hold great potential for AI collaboration, essential for innovation and economic growth. The AI Tomorrow Summit 2024 provided a vital platform to strengthen AI collaboration between Türkiye and the United Kingdom.

Artificial Intelligence Policies Association (AIPA) AIPA, one of the first NGOs focusing on AI in Türkiye, was established as an independent association in February 2021. The organization aims to enhance the societal and economic benefits of AI through policy recommendations and strategies.

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AI Tomorrow Summit

The AI Tomorrow Summit is an international event held annually to discuss the latest developments and innovations in artificial intelligence. The summit brings together AI leaders, entrepreneurs, and researchers from around the world. It serves as an important platform to promote AI collaboration between Türkiye and the United Kingdom.