• July 16, 2024

A Magical Evening of Stories with Eda Bayraktar

 A Magical Evening of Stories with Eda Bayraktar

Storytelling Academy is hosting a special event in London for all art enthusiasts: “Stories for Adults – An Evening of Games and Tales.”

Eda Bayraktar, a storyteller and founder of Storytelling Academy, will share stories and tales from various cultures. This event aims not only to entertain but also to spark creativity and imagination in the participants. Eda Bayraktar hopes to inspire attendees and transport them to different worlds through the power of storytelling.

This month’s theme is “New Beginnings.” Eda Bayraktar will take participants on a journey through stories and dreams from different parts of the world. In this special event, attendees will not only listen to stories but also develop their storytelling skills through interactive games.

Eda Bayraktar dedicates this event to all immigrants who continue to create and thrive away from their homelands. The event, which has garnered significant interest in recent months, continues to bring myths, tales, and stories from various cultures to audiences in London.

Participants will experience an evening where art, storytelling, music, poetry, games, and conversation come together. Eda Bayraktar will guide them in crafting and telling their own stories, enhancing their creative thinking and communication skills.

Eda Bayraktar, co-founder of Storytelling Academy, invites all art lovers in London who want to become the hero of their own stories to this special journey. Bayraktar also serves as the marketing and communication director of Turkish British Magazine and aims to offer a unique experience to attendees by presenting inspiring stories to the business world.

Event Details:

  • Date: Sunday, June 30, 17:00
  • Venue: Workers Cafe Stage, 172 Upper St, London N1 1RG
  • Ticket Reservation: £10

Don’t miss out on this unique experience! Reserve your spot now and embark on a magical journey of storytelling and creativity.

Ticket Reservation [Link to tickets]

Note: Our venue is small and cozy, so spaces are limited. Please secure your spot by purchasing a ticket through this link. This storytelling night is for adults who wish to awaken their imagination, not for children.

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