Welcome Back to TurkishBritish Magazine

 Welcome Back to TurkishBritish Magazine

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to welcome you back to TurkishBritish Magazine. After a brief hiatus, driven by the economic challenges of the pandemic, we concentrated on maintaining our portal. However, the rapidly evolving Turkey-UK relations post-Brexit and the pressing need for a Turkish media presence in the UK have motivated us to relaunch our publication.

Our 18th issue delves deeply into the burgeoning health tourism sector in Turkey, chosen as our cover story due to its increasing popularity for providing cost-effective and timely medical solutions. This issue not only underscores the economic potential of this sector but also examines the ethical considerations and post-treatment facilities that accompany medical travel abroad.

Rekindling Connections and Exploring New Horizons in Turkish British Relations

We are also excited to bring you exclusive reports from London Tech Week, showcasing the remarkable achievements of Turkish entrepreneurs, and stories of cultural exchanges that enrich both Turkish and British communities.

During our hiatus, past issues amassed over 250,000 reads, reaffirming the relevance and demand for our content. Under the theme “Bridging Cultures, Inspiring Business,” we resume our journey, invigorated by our May 2024 edition. Our interactive magazine continues to harness technology to ensure seamless access to content and advertisements, spotlighting Turkish businesses, civic organizations, artists, and brands in the UK. We aim to provide insights into Turkey’s cultural and economic landscapes.

Our commitment extends beyond publication. We are dedicated to actively participating in and contributing to various events in the UK, fostering partnerships with Turkish and British entities. We owe a debt of gratitude to our supporters who have stood by us through the years. Your unwavering support fuels our passion for producing impactful content.

We invite you to stay engaged with us and explore the rich cultural exchange and business opportunities featured in our magazine. As we embark on this enriched journey, we look forward to your feedback and participation. Let’s continue to build bridges and inspire businesses together.

Warm regards,

Dr. Ayla Torun