Turkish British Magazine Issue 18: Welcome Back

 Turkish British Magazine Issue 18: Welcome Back

Welcome Back with Issue 18

We are thrilled to reconnect with our valued readers in this new edition of Turkish British Magazine. In the wake of the pandemic and the economic changes following Brexit, the importance of Turkey-UK relations has only grown. This issue focuses on health tourism, technology, and cultural exchanges, offering you rich and informative content.

Health Tourism

Our cover story delves into Turkey’s rising success in the health tourism sector. Turkey has become a major destination for affordable and high-quality healthcare, especially attracting patients from the UK. This article thoroughly explores the economic potential, ethical considerations, and post-treatment facilities in the health tourism industry.

London Tech Week

We have a special feature on the achievements of Turkish entrepreneurs at London Tech Week. Discover how innovative ideas and ventures in the technology sector are making significant impacts in both Turkey and the UK.

Cultural Exchanges

Cultural exchanges between Turkish and British communities enrich both cultures. This section examines the positive impacts of these interactions and the collaborative opportunities that arise from such cultural exchanges.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Our comprehensive articles on trade and collaboration opportunities between Turkey and the UK provide essential insights for the business community. Read about the success stories of Turkish businesspeople in the UK market and strategic advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Digital Edition of Our Magazine

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