Özlem Warren’s SEBZE: A Journey Through Turkish Vegetarian Cuisine

 Özlem Warren’s SEBZE: A Journey Through Turkish Vegetarian Cuisine

Dive into Özlem Warren’s “SEBZE” for a refreshing take on Turkish vegetarian cuisine, featuring 85 innovative recipes that highlight seasonal vegetables and authentic flavors.

In the vibrant landscape of Turkish culinary traditions, vegetarian dishes often remain unsung heroes amidst the famed kebab-dominated scene. Özlem Warren, a renowned Turkish chef and author, seeks to change that narrative with her latest cookbook, ”SEBZE: Vegetarian Recipes from My Turkish Kitchen.”After two years of dedicated effort, Warren’s passion project is ready to introduce food enthusiasts around the world to the lesser-known, vegetable-centric dishes of Turkey.

Rediscovering Culinary Roots

During an exclusive interview, Özlem shared insights into her deep connection with Turkey’s culinary heritage. “Having lived abroad for over 20 years, I’ve seen Turkish cuisine frequently reduced to just kebabs in the international perspective,” she explained. “With ‘SEBZE,’ my aim is to shine a light on the rich mosaic of dishes that are crafted with seasonal vegetables, legumes, and whole grains—staples in our homeland.”

“SEBZE,” which translates to ‘vegetables’ in Turkish, offers a collection of 85 vegetarian recipes that embody the essence of Turkish cuisine. Each recipe tells its own story, accompanied by stunning visuals captured by photographer Sam A. Harris and enriched with Özlem’s personal anecdotes and cooking tips.

What’s Inside ‘SEBZE’?

With palpable enthusiasm, Özlem elaborates on the contents of her book. “The book is segmented into various chapters, highlighting not just popular Turkish classics but also lesser-known regional specialties. From street foods like simit to all-day breakfast options, hearty casseroles, and vibrant salads, there’s truly something for everyone.” Notable dishes include the Antalya-style bean salad with tahini sauce, the iconic Turkish Şakşuka, and a show-stopping Tray bake Mantı with spiced chickpeas. Desserts are also a highlight, with dishes like Pumpkin and walnut baklava and traditional Fırın Sütlaç gracing the pages.


Explore 85 vibrant Turkish vegetarian recipes in Özlem Warren’s latest cookbook.

Culinary Philosophy and Inspirations

When asked about her culinary philosophy, Özlem emphasizes flexibility and sustainability. “I believe in cooking that’s good for the soul as well as the planet. That’s why ‘SEBZE’ includes recipes that are not only delicious but also practical, with tips on preparing ahead, variations for different diets, and ideas for utilizing leftovers.”

Her inspirations are deeply personal, stemming from her experiences and family traditions. The book also features photography from London and location shoots in Istanbul and Antakya, capturing the essence of Turkish locales and the warmth of family gatherings.

The Making of ‘SEBZE’

The journey to publishing “SEBZE” was supported by a dedicated team. “I owe a huge thank you to my literary agent, Milly Reilly, the team at Hardie Grant Publishing, and of course, the brilliant Sam Harris. Their support was crucial in bringing ‘SEBZE’ to life,” Özlem notes. Her efforts are complemented by accolades from culinary figures like Diana Henry and Sabrina Ghayour, who have offered glowing endorsements for her book.

A Call to Culinary Exploration

As pre-orders for “SEBZE” go live, Özlem invites food enthusiasts and curious cooks alike to delve into the vegetarian wonders of Turkish cuisine. “I hope ‘SEBZE’ encourages people to explore new flavors and brings Turkish vegetarian dishes into more kitchens around the world.”

With a promise of authenticity, richness, and a culinary journey through the vegetarian landscapes of Turkey, Özlem Warren’s “SEBZE” is set to become a cherished addition to the collections of food lovers everywhere.

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