Natural & Feminine Rhinoplasty: Trends and Tips from Prof. Dr. Erkan Soylu

 Natural & Feminine Rhinoplasty: Trends and Tips from Prof. Dr. Erkan Soylu

Natural & Feminine Rhinoplasty: Prof. Dr. Erkan Soylu’s Guide to Rhinoplasty Trends

Amid growing trends in rhinoplasty, one particular style stands out: “Natural & Feminine.” Prof. Dr. Erkan Soylu from Medipol Mega University Hospital shares his insights into different types of rhinoplasty and aesthetic trends.


Key Insights:

1. Four Main Rhinoplasty Styles

According to Prof. Soylu, there are four primary styles in rhinoplasty:

Natural Nose: Completely natural-looking noses that are hardly noticeable after surgery.

Natural & Feminine: A modestly elevated nose with a subtle curvature and reduced size for a harmonious, feminine appearance.

  • Barbie Nose: Significantly turned-up and curved noses, popular among some patients.
  • Fake Nose: Overly lifted, thin noses that result in an unnatural look.

2. The Rise of ‘Natural & Feminine’ 

The most popular rhinoplasty style among women is “Natural & Feminine.” Prof. Soylu explains, “Most women desire a nose that’s attractive and feminine but not too upturned. This style aligns with facial features and stands out for its natural, elegant look.”

3. Barbie Nose vs. Fake Nose

Prof. Soylu differentiates between “Barbie Nose” and “Fake Nose,” noting that while Barbie Nose has a notable curvature and uplift, it’s suitable for certain facial structures. On the other hand, “Fake Nose” refers to noses that have lost their natural form and appear artificial.

Signature Styles and Surgeon Preferences

Prof. Soylu emphasizes that each surgeon has a unique style and approach. He advises patients to review surgeons’ portfolios and choose one whose results match their preferences. “While each surgeon has a distinct signature and style, trends in rhinoplasty are also influenced by changing patient preferences,” he explains. He adds that the popularity of styles like “Natural & Feminine” has risen due to a shift toward more natural and balanced looks.

Trends in Rhinoplasty: Social Media Influence

Social media has played a significant role in shaping patient preferences in rhinoplasty. Patients often choose a surgeon based on their social media presence and portfolio. Prof. Soylu notes, “Social media allows patients to browse through different styles like flipping through a catalogue, enabling them to select a su

rgeon whose outcomes align with their preferences.”


Prof. Dr. Erkan Soylu: ‘Natural & Feminine’ rhinoplasty style is the most popular among women.

Natural & Feminine Rhinoplasty: Balanced and Elegant

The “Natural & Feminine” rhinoplasty style is characterized by a modest elevation and subtle curvature that complement facial features. Prof. Soylu states, “Most women prefer a nose that’s attractive, feminine, and not too upturned. This style is both elegant and harmonious.”

Barbie Nose vs. Fake Nose: Key Differences

The “Barbie Nose” style is notably turned up and curved. Prof. Soylu clarifies, “While the Barbie Nose style is suitable for certain facial structures, it doesn’t work well for narrow or long faces.” In contrast, the “Fake Nose” style is overly lifted and thin, creating an unnatural look. Prof. Soylu warns against this style, stating, “We never recommend this method to any of our patients and do not use it in our clinic.”

Natural & Feminine rhinoplasty provides an elegant and attractive solution for women seeking a balanced, harmonious look. However, it’s essential to choose a style that complements your facial features and a surgeon whose expertise aligns with your aesthetic goals.