London Tech Week Approaches: Major Opportunities for Turkish Entrepreneurs

 London Tech Week Approaches: Major Opportunities for Turkish Entrepreneurs

At London Tech Week, more than 1,000 investors and tech giants from around the world await Turkish entrepreneurs.

The world’s largest technology festival, London Tech Week, is set to open its doors between 10-14 June 2024. The British Consulate General in Istanbul has issued a special call to Turkish entrepreneurs, launching a program titled “Inward Investment Mission to London Tech Week 2024.” This program aims to help innovative companies easily adapt to the London ecosystem and expand into global markets.

What’s on at London Tech Week?

London Tech Week, known as Europe’s largest technology festival, also serves as a platform showcasing innovation and success in technology. The 2024 event will be held at Olympia. The festival will not only focus on technological innovations but also on the opportunities and challenges arising from the digitization of society.

Main Topics:

  • 1 I The UK Technology Ecosystem: A world-leading tech ecosystem valued at over $1 trillion.
  • 2 I Global Strategies: International growth strategies and guidance for entering global markets.
  • 3 I Networking Opportunities: The chance to meet with over 1,000 investors and tech leaders.
  • 4 I  Meeting Investors: An unmatched environment where Turkish entrepreneurs can secure funding from global investors.

A Message from British Consul General Kenan Poleo:

London Tech Week offers significant opportunities for Turkish entrepreneurs. Stay in touch with our team to access broad financing opportunities and a supportive ecosystem.

A Call to Turkish Entrepreneurs

As part of the “Inward Investment Mission to London Tech Week 2024” organized by the British Consulate General in Istanbul, a special event will be held in London on June 12th: “Investing in the UK: Springboard for Growth.” This event will share crucial information on establishing a business in the UK and strategies for global growth.


Program Content:

  • 1 I The UK Technology Ecosystem: Valued at over $1 trillion. Home to more than 85,000 startups and 170 unicorns.
  • 2 I International Growth Strategy: Guide to entering global markets. Business formation and planning.
  • 3 I Funding and Meeting Investors: Networking with global investors. Investment and scaling strategies.
  • 4 I Scaling and Growth: Advantages of doing business in the UK. Strategies for entering global markets.

The UK Technology Ecosystem

The UK stands out as one of the world’s leading markets with its technology ecosystem. More than 85,000 startups and scale-ups operate here, alongside over 170 unicorn companies. The British Consulate General in Istanbul invites Turkish entrepreneurs to join this ecosystem and benefit from global opportunities.


Türkiye’s Tech Revolution Takes Center Stage at London Tech Week 2024

Showcasing Türkiye’s innovation strength at London Tech Week 2024! Turkish tech companies will have the opportunity to present themselves on the international stage in London. Get ready, Türkiye is taking the stage with a tech revolution!


Shining on the Road to Success: Türkiye’s Technology Sector Rises

Türkiye’s tech innovation continues to rise on the international stage. Turkish firms will showcase their innovative technologies at London Tech Week 2024. The Türkiye Pavilion, organized in collaboration with YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark, Academia Park London, and BASEHUB, will host 100 Turkish tech professionals and over 60 Turkish tech companies. This event, attended by both Turkish and UK government officials, offers a unique opportunity for Turkish tech firms.

London Tech Week 2024 – Türkiye: International Debut

Türkiye’s rise in the international tech arena will be showcased at London Tech Week 2024. With the national participation package, companies will benefit from a comprehensive travel package including round-trip flight tickets, four-star accommodation, and airport transfers, as well as access to 5-day VIP Gala events and networking opportunities.

Key Steps to Enhancing the Technology Vision:

  • Turn-Key Stand at Türkiye Booth: Make a professional impression with turn-key designed stands at the official Türkiye booth.
  • VIP Gala and Networking Reception: Meet the UK’s tech elite. Network with delegates from 168 countries around the world.
  • B2B Networking Sessions: Meet investors, clients, and partners who can help grow your business globally.

The Bright Stars of Turkish Technology!

Thanks to Orhan Tanışman, Baran Kılıçer, İsa Turgut İnci, Russ Shaw CBE, Rhis Edwards, Harriet Radcliffe, Serkan Türkoğlu, Ömer Köse, and Mustafa Nafi Kaya, the Türkiye Pavilion will feature spaces where companies can present themselves.

Early Registration Opportunity

Slots for Turkish tech company founders are filling up quickly!


Join the Türkiye Pavilion at London Tech Week 2024!

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