London Craft Week 2024: A Captivating Encounter with Creativity and Art

 London Craft Week 2024: A Captivating Encounter with Creativity and Art

London Craft Week returns to celebrate its 10th anniversary, showcasing an impressive array of artists, designers, and brands from around the globe.

London Craft Week will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2024, bringing together over 750 artists, designers, brands, and galleries from around the world. With a focus on quality and creativity, this festival will be a significant event that celebrates both British and international craftsmanship.

Events and Exhibitions

Throughout the festival, visitors can experience the “Secret Ceramics” exhibition, “Create Lates” workshops at the Science Museum, presentations by biologist-designer Dr. Susy Paisley, and talks organized by Positive Luxury and The Woolmark Company. These events, held across various London venues, offer visitors the chance to meet leading figures in art and design.

Contributions from Yunus Emre Institute

The Yunus Emre Institute – London is participating in London Craft Week 2024 for the third time, offering various workshops specifically designed for the festival. Inspired by Islamic art, these workshops allow participants to learn and practice traditional Islamic illumination art. Led by Turkish illumination artist Nagihan Seymour, these workshops attract significant interest from art enthusiasts.


London Craft Week 2024: A creative journey with over 750 artists, designers, and brands.

A Meeting Point of Art and Design

London Craft Week offers visitors a unique journey of discovery. With hidden workshops, emerging artists, renowned masters, studios, galleries, shops, and luxury brands included, this event program showcases the finest examples of craftsmanship and creativity. For the first time this year, the “Create Day” event will see artists opening their studios to global audiences for a full day.

Discovery, Creativity, and Inspiration

London Craft Week 2024 stands out as a platform that brings together imagination, individuality, passion, and skill, celebrating diversity and creativity. Visitors can create their own paths, meet artists, and participate in exclusive exhibitions and workshops. As always, this year’s event will position London as the global heart of art and design.


What is London Craft Week?

London Craft Week is an annual festival held across various locations in London. Bringing together artists, designers, brands, and galleries, the event showcases the best examples of craftsmanship and creativity.