The Fight for Justice: Campaigning for Local Fee Status for Turkish Children in the UK

 The Fight for Justice: Campaigning for Local Fee Status for Turkish Children in the UK

A campaign to restore local fee status for Turkish children in the UK, addressing the post-Brexit shift that has increased university costs and jeopardized the educational aspirations of Turkish families. Learn about the movement, its background, and how you can support it.


In recent years, Turkish families in the UK have faced a worrying change in educational policy. Children of Turkish workers and businesspeople, who previously benefited from local tuition fees, are now classified as international students. This shift has dramatically increased university costs, severely impacting the ability of many families to afford higher education. A crucial petition campaign has been launched to support the educational rights of these children and seek a fair resolution.


Until 2021, children of Turkish citizens residing in the UK under the Ankara Agreement benefited from local fee status at universities, capped at £9,250 per year. However, post-Brexit regulations and subsequent policy changes have radically altered tuition statuses, raising fees to between £25,600 and £48,620 per year. This heavy financial burden has jeopardized the educational dreams of many young individuals, while placing immense strain on their families.


Recognizing the need for urgent action, the Turkish community has launched a petition to the UK Parliament. The campaign “Extending Local Fee Status Rights for Children of Turkish Workers/Businesspeople” seeks to allow children who arrived in the UK after December 31, 2020, to benefit from local fee status if their applications were submitted before that date. The petition has garnered widespread support, reflecting broad discontent over the unfair treatment of Turkish children within the UK’s educational system.

Case Studies:

19-year-old Emine, a prospective student, shares her perspective: “With current fees, my dream of studying biochemistry seems impossible. We were prepared for one financial reality, and now face another entirely inaccessible one.” Many students like Emine have had to delay their dreams due to the high costs.

Support and Advocacy:

Turkish British Magazine has fully committed its platform to highlight these injustices and rally the community to action. Beyond media support, various organizations, including student groups, are lending their voices to amplify this movement and pressure the government to make changes.

Call to Action:

We invite all our readers to take a stand for this crucial cause and sign the petition. Your support can make a critical difference in bringing this issue to Parliament’s agenda, sparking debate, and eventually reversing the unjust fee classification. Visit petition: to add your voice to this important cause.


Addressing Educational Inequity for Turkish Families in Post-Brexit Britain


The fight for fair university fees for Turkish children in the UK is not just a financial matter but a struggle for equality and educational rights. Our unity and action as a community can restore the dreams of countless young minds. Together, let’s ensure every child has the opportunity to pursue higher education under fair conditions.