High succes rates of IVF procedures at Acıbadem

 High succes rates of IVF procedures at Acıbadem

Infertility affects one in six couples globally at any given time. For over 25 years, Acıbadem has been at the forefront of assisting couples in overcoming fertility challenges and achieving their dreams of parenthood. At Acıbadem, we understand that a woman’s age is a primary determinant in the success of IVF treatments. Success rates are notably high before the mid-30s but begin to decline after 35 and more sharply after 40. This decrease is linked to natural declines in egg quantity and quality with age. However, options like embryo freezing or egg preservation in one’s mid-30s offer hope for future parenthood.


Boosting IVF Success

To maximize the chances of a successful IVF, couples are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, coupled with maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding alcohol, drugs, and smoking, can positively impact outcomes. Moreover, choosing a clinic like Acıbadem, known for its high success rates and skilled team, is crucial. Innovations such as exosome therapy and PRP can also enhance egg quality and increase the likelihood of conception at older ages.

Fertility Treatment Abroad

Acıbadem stands out as a leading destination for healthcare tourism, particularly in reproductive medicine. Each year, over 15,000 families from around the world choose Acıbadem for its advanced treatments and personalized care. Our Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Department caters extensively to international patients, supported by modern laboratories and a team of experienced physicians and embryologists.

Specialized Care at Acıbadem’s Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Center

At Acıbadem’s specialized center, we offer personalized fertility treatments that cater specifically to each couple’s needs. Our approach includes pre-implantation genetic testing to ensure healthy embryos are chosen for potential pregnancy, enhancing the success rates significantly. Our dedicated team is committed to not only assisting with reproductive treatments but also focusing on fertility preservation and exploring new treatment modalities.

IVF Success Rates at Acıbadem

We take pride in our impressive IVF success rates:

  • Overall pregnancy rate for IVF: 56.7%
  • Women ages 25 to 35: 65%
  • Women aged 36 to 40: 46.8%
  • Women ages 40 to 43: 25%
  • After age 43: approximately 15%

*Data sourced from 8,547 women treated at Acıbadem Maslak IVF Clinic.


Traveling to Acıbadem

Located in the heart of Türkiye, Istanbul, Acıbadem Hospital is accessible via direct flights from over 130 countries and 340 cities. Understanding the challenges of medical travel, our staff provides comprehensive support—from scheduling appointments and making hotel reservations to insurance verification and translation services—ensuring a stress-free experience.

For those interested in exploring what Acıbadem’s Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Center can offer, we invite you to contact our Information Offices for more details.

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