Empowering the Turkish Diaspora: The 3rd Social Touch London Event Tackles Brain Drain

 Empowering the Turkish Diaspora: The 3rd Social Touch London Event Tackles Brain Drain

The 3rd Social Touch London Event brought together Turkish professionals from across the globe at One Birdcage Walk to discuss ways to transform brain drain into brain gain and strengthen the Turkish diaspora.

London’s prestigious One Birdcage Walk recently hosted an event that brought together prominent figures from Turkey and the Turkish diaspora. The 3rd Social Touch London Event, themed “How Can We Turn Brain Drain into Brain Gain and Strengthen the Turkish Diaspora?” gathered nearly 220 Turkish professionals from around the globe. This pivotal event provided a platform for discussing strategies to empower the Turkish diaspora and foster closer collaboration with institutions in Turkey.

Spearheaded by Dr. Sertaç Doğanay

Dr. Sertaç Doğanay, a renowned technology and sustainability communication expert, and academician, was the mastermind behind this event. As the initiator of the Social Touch series, Doğanay continues to inspire and lead efforts to strengthen the Turkish diaspora. The 3rd Social Touch London Event’s sponsorship was provided by Yeni Rakı, a brand of MEY DIAGEO.

Speakers and Event Highlights:

Among the esteemed speakers at the event were Orhan Turan, Chairman of TÜSİAD; Ebru Taşcı Firuzbay, President of PERYÖN; Kanat Kutluk, Chairman of the Dubai Turkish Business Council; Şule Arınç, Representative of TEV UK; and Yörük Kurttaran, Board Member of the Turkey Mozaik Foundation. Additionally, notable figures such as Bekir Polat from the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Investment Office, Hasan Dikme, President of APTP, and Fevzi Kemal Torun, Managing Director of Turkish British Magazine, also attended.

Discussion Topics and Participant Insights

The event sought to address three key questions concerning how Turks abroad could work more effectively with institutions in Turkey:

  • Institutional Collaboration: “What is the most important factor for Turks living abroad to work with institutions in Turkey?” Discussions encompassed topics such as remote work conditions, employment and tax regulations, and work-life balance.
  • Social Needs: “What are the biggest social needs for Turks living abroad?” Participants emphasized the importance of celebrating special occasions together and organizing regular social events.
  • Support Mechanisms: “How can Turks living abroad support each other most effectively?” Topics such as immigration procedures, adaptation to work and social life, and mentorship were discussed.

Looking Ahead

The event concluded with strategies for implementing the ideas and suggestions discussed. Plans were made for regular meetings to involve more Turkish professionals in these processes. The momentum gained from this successful event is expected to further strengthen the Turkish diaspora, forging stronger ties with Turkey and ensuring sustainable growth.

The 3rd Social Touch London Event demonstrated the potential of the Turkish diaspora to foster collaboration and mutual support. By addressing key issues and developing strategies for implementation, the event paved the way for continued engagement and empowerment of the Turkish community abroad. This meeting’s success sets the stage for further strengthening the Turkish diaspora, ensuring its growth and vitality.

About Dr. Sertaç Doğanay

Dr. Sertaç Doğanay is a leading expert in technology and sustainability communication, an academician, and the initiator of the Social Touch series. He is recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in Turkey and has a significant following of nearly 200,000 on the platform. Dr. Doğanay’s work focuses on bridging the gap between technology and sustainability, and he continues to inspire and lead initiatives aimed at empowering the Turkish diaspora.