Sibel Radiye Gül’s Traditional Cappadocia Tragacanth Doll Exhibition in London

 Sibel Radiye Gül’s Traditional Cappadocia Tragacanth Doll Exhibition in London

Renowned traditional artist Sibel Radiye Gül brings the unique art form of Kitre dolls from Cappadocia to London for the first time. Sibel Radiye Gül’s Traditional Cappadocia Tragacanth Doll Exhibition will be in London between 7 – 10 May.

Sibel Radiye Gül, who brings historical characters and events to life with traditional Tragacanth Dolls, will be in London with the special compositions she exhibited at the Cappadocia Art and History Museum and produced for the London exhibition. In the exhibition, which will be opened on Tuesday, May 7, at 16:30, tragacanth dolls in the heart of Anatolia, the land of magnificently blended cultures, represented by legendary names such as folk poet Yunus Emre, storyteller Dede Korkut, and poet Aşık Veysel, will mediate the stories.

The exhibition is organized by the Turkish British Center for Cultural and Creative Industries – C4CCI in collaboration with Yunus Emre Institute London.

A Cultural Journey from Cappadocia to London

The exhibition presents a selection of works from the Cappadocia Art and History Museum’s collection, bridging ancient Anatolian motifs to modern themes. The collection celebrates not only the history and culture of Turkey but also the broader narratives connecting Turkish and British relations, highlighting a range of perspectives from historical figures to universal concepts.

Cultural and Artistic Legacy of Tragacanth Dolls Brought to Life

Sibel Radiye Gül, founder of the Cappadocia Art and History Museum and the Cappadocia Tragacanth Doll Museum, unveils a new concept in her second international exhibition. The show introduces a novel approach to traditional Anatolian art, presenting a captivating narrative of cultural heritage.

Tragacanth Dolls as an Art Form

The art of tragacanth dolls goes beyond handmade creations, serving as a tangible expression of history and culture. This exhibition carries storytelling from the past into the future, preserving and revitalizing traditional Anatolian art.

Sibel Radiye Gül’s Kitre doll exhibition offers a rare opportunity for London audiences to explore the intersection of art, history, and culture. It not only highlights the unique craftsmanship of traditional Anatolian artistry but also fosters a dialogue between Turkish and British cultures. This exhibition stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Kitre dolls, weaving together narratives of heritage, artistry, and cross-cultural connections.

Historical characters come to life

The compositions of Women in Anatolia, among the animations of the exhibition, will inspire the lives of pioneer women who have left their mark on Anatolia since ancient times, from Tomris Hatun to Turan Melike Mengüç Sultan, from Ottoman sultans to Toros nomads and the Republic period.

Traces of the colorful stories of the people who once lived in Mustafapaşa (Sinasos), the charming village of Cappadocia, the cradle of civilizations, where the Tragacanth Doll Museum is located, will be followed. The unique stories of Efsevula, Meletiadis, Mustafa Pasha and Kufu Hasan, which came to light for the first time in an exhibition with the dolls prepared by Gül, will be accompanied by the magical tambourine sounds played by women from centuries ago.

Among the exhibition compositions are about Turkish-British relations in recent history; There are scenes such as Queen Victoria’s meeting with Sultan Abdülaziz on a ship in London, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Edward VIII’s meeting in Istanbul, Winston Churchill’s meeting with İsmet İnönü in Adana, and Lady Montagu’s meeting in Istanbul through dolls. Memories of ‘ and Agatha Christie’s room in Pera Palace are brought to life.

The opening of the exhibition held at Yunus Emre Institute London will be on Tuesday, May 7, between 16:30-18:30. Guests will also be served delicacies from Turkish cuisine under the kind hospitality of YEE London.

Tragacanth Doll Workshop as part of London Craft Week

Traditional doll artist Sibel Radiye Gül will also hold a workshop as part of London Craft Week, following the exhibition. The traditional Tragacanth Doll making workshop will be held on Monday, May 13, 2024, between 14:30 – 16:30 at Yunus Emre Institute London. Registration is required to participate in this special workshop, where participation is limited.