A New Era for Aesthetic and General Dentistry in Hackney

 A New Era for Aesthetic and General Dentistry in Hackney

Smilestone Dental Clinic in Hackney brings a new wave of modern dentistry, combining aesthetic and general dental care with multicultural and multilingual services. Discover comprehensive dental solutions for a beautiful smile.


London’s Hackney district proudly introduces its newest dental clinic, Smilestone Dental Clinic, offering an inviting and serene environment for modern aesthetic and general dental care. Founded by Turkish dentist Dr. Sezin Şener, Smilestone aims to create beautiful smiles and promote healthy, happy teeth.

Located at 156-162 Hackney Road, E2 7QL, Smilestone Dental Clinic brings a new wave of modernity to London’s cosmopolitan atmosphere. The clinic, with its contemporary design and warm ambiance, provides innovative services in aesthetic and general dentistry.

Multicultural Approach and Multilingual Communication

Smilestone takes pride in its multicultural and multilingual team, offering services in English, Turkish, Spanish, and Bulgarian. This aligns with London’s diverse population, ensuring that all patients feel understood and comfortable. With a team fluent in multiple languages, including Turkish, Smilestone successfully reaches a broad audience.

Innovative Vision in Dentistry:

Smilestone aspires to elevate the dental experience to a more personal and technological level. Combining traditional dental practices with modern techniques and approaches, the clinic offers not just treatment but a positive experience for every patient, who leaves with lasting memories.

Beyond Dentistry: A Dental Spa Experience

Smilestone transforms dental appointments into a spa-like experience, providing a relaxing and enjoyable environment. The modern interior design and soothing music create an opportunity for patients to unwind and be pampered.


With a multilingual team, Smilestone aims to make dental health services accessible to all. It particularly focuses on serving the Turkish, Spanish, Italian, and Bulgarian communities, making it an essential part of London’s multicultural landscape.

Services and Expertise:

Smilestone offers a wide range of services, from general dental care to aesthetic applications, including Invisalign and teeth whitening. Each treatment is tailored to the patient’s needs and executed to the highest standards. The clinic also provides quick solutions for dental emergencies and stands out with its restorative dental treatments.

A visit to Smilestone is not just a dental appointment but a delightful experience. On your journey to enhancing your smile and maintaining dental health, Smilestone looks forward to serving you and your family.

For more information about the services offered by this innovative clinic and to book an appointment, please visit www.smilestoneclinic.co.uk or contact them directly.