Countdown begins for the 9th edition of Artweeks Istanbul

 Countdown begins for the 9th edition of Artweeks Istanbul

The 9th edition of Artweeks Istanbul, eagerly awaited by art enthusiasts every year, will take place at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Istanbul B Block, hosted by Bilgili Holding from April 20th to 28th.

Organised by Bilgili Sanat and Sabiha Kurtulmuş, bringing together artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts from different disciplines, the event is once again preparing to make Istanbul the center of art, as it does every year.

B Block, brought to life with Bilgili Holding’s vision, offers a new and contemporary environment in the heart of Istanbul where art lovers can explore the enchanting world of art. As the venue for the 9th edition of Artweeks Istanbul, B Block is undergoing intense preparations.

Alongside Turkey’s leading art galleries, the 9th edition of Artweeks Istanbul will feature institutional and private collections, museum collections, as well as several innovations, including the “Storytellers” section dedicated to curatorial projects, the “Nexus” area featuring the selection named ONE Akaretler 101, a project by Bilgili Sanat bringing together independent artists, and galleries from outside Istanbul. With its rich content and exclusive experiences, Artweeks Istanbul offers a captivating environment for art lovers in each new edition, with all exhibitions and talks open to the public and free of charge.

Participant galleries

Among the participating galleries are MERKUR Galeri, Martch Art Project, Anna Laudel, Sevil Dolmacı, Rıdvan Kuday Gallery, Ferda Art Platform, Gallery Kairos, Mine Sanat Galerisi, Ruzy, Collect Gallery, KUN Art Space, The Key Art Gallery, Artopol, and Frank Art Studio. The institutional exhibitions are designated as the Bilgili Collection and the Burhan Doğançay Museum and Collection. In addition to Murat Türkili making his debut at Artweeks Istanbul under the brand MT1012, special projects such as Barış Çavuşoğlu x Mercado x Bilgili Sanat, Sedef Gali, Antonio Consentino, and Haluk Akakçe Collection Exhibition are among the highly anticipated projects of Artweeks Istanbul.

Storytellers section

Beral Madra and Levent Çalıkoğlu take on the role of storytellers in the “Storytellers” section, while Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s affiliate Kültür AŞ’s public exhibition space Taksim Sanat and Digital Experience Museum are among the participants of Artweeks Istanbul, which will also include curatorial projects.

Hosted by Bilgili Holding and with luxury automobile brand Lexus as the premium sponsor, the 9th edition of Artweeks Istanbul will offer special experiences to art lovers through brand collaborations with Soho House Istanbul, Samsung, Atelier Rebul, Minoa, 49 Çukurcuma, Petra Roasting Co., Tepta, Jotun, Bundle, ArtDog Istanbul, Perfect Weekend Magazine, Cherie Flowers, Rido, Motta, Emfa, İkiel, Fenix, Ermas, Geberit, Beşiktaş Municipality, and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Cultural Inc.