Tate is at Artİstanbul Feshane with the exhibition ‘The Dynamic Eye’

 Tate is at Artİstanbul Feshane with the exhibition ‘The Dynamic Eye’

An important collection of Tate, one of Britain’s leading art institutions, are exhibited at Artİstanbul Feshane, the largest culture and art venue in Istanbul’s public space. Tate’s “The Dynamic Eye: Beyond Op and Kinetic Art” collection will meet art lovers on January 23, in Istanbul. The exhibition will be open to visitors until May 19, 2024.

A special collection of Tate, one of the most visited museums in the world, comes to Turkey with the contributions of IBBCulture and IBB Heritage. The exhibition The Dynamic Eye: Beyond Op and Kinetic Art revisits the birth of optical and kinetic art, two parallel art movements that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s. The exhibition brings a special multi-disciplinary selection to Artİstanbul Feshane, including artists such as Alexander Calder, Frank Stella, Victor Vasarely, Lygia Clark, Liliane Lijn, Julio Le Parc, Jesus Rafael Soto, Kenneth Noland, Helio Oiticica. This event, which makes a significant contribution to Istanbul’s culture and art scene, will introduce art lovers to these important works.

The exhibition, which is the first and largest international exhibition of this scale organized by the local public administration in Turkey, is hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The exhibition meets art lovers between January 23 and May 19, 2024. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey with great honor and enthusiasm and crowning every step taken towards the second century with Democracy Century events, IBB presents this exhibition organised at Artİstanbul Feshane as a gift to the 100th anniversary.

95 works by 57 artists from 21 countries

The exhibition, which includes 95 works of 57 artists from 21 countries, is curated by Valentina Ravaglia, Exhibitions and International Art Curator of Tate Modern, the world-famous art museum in London.

The Dynamic Eye: Beyond Optical and Kinetic Art exhibition, which reconsiders optical and kinetic art from a global perspective and brings together modernist predecessors and contemporary artists as well as artists closely related to this movement, is a journey into 20th century art. Dynamic Eye: Beyond Optical and Kinetic Art, which was previously exhibited at the Atkinson Museum in Porto, Portugal, and the Pudong Art Museum in Shanghai, China, now meets art lovers at Artİstanbul Feshane.


Tate’s vision is to serve as one of the most artistically adventurous and culturally inclusive art museums for the UK and the world. Tate delivers this through its activities at its four UK museums (Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives), its digital platforms and collaborations with national and international partners. At its center is the huge Tate Collection, which includes British art from the 16th century to the present and international modern art from 1900 to the present. Tate hosts approximately 8.2 million visitors a year with its four museums. Among the museums, Tate Modern, which opened its doors in 2000, quickly took its place among the most important modern and contemporary art museums in the world. Tate Modern reached approximately 4 million visitors in 2022. In terms of the number of visitors, Tate Modern is among the most visited museums in the world, along with the Louvre Museum in France, the Vatican Museum in the Vatican and the British Museum in the UK.


Artİstanbul Feshane, Istanbul’s new art base, opened its doors to culture and art life in July 2023. Artİstanbul Feshane, which was brought to the city with the comprehensive restoration and re-functional works carried out by İBB Miras in Feshane-i Amire, one of the most important industrial buildings inherited from the Ottoman Empire, is among the largest exhibition halls in Istanbul with its multi-purpose units spread over 8000 square meters. It stands out as a living center that brings life to Istanbul from the shores of the Golden Horn with its exhibition hall, Naile Akıncı Library, congress, workshops, food and beverage and recreation areas, open-air movie screenings, concerts and children’s festival. Artİstanbul Feshane can be visited free of charge every day between 10.00-18.00, except Mondays.