BECOMING-MACHINE: An artistic exploration of human-machine blurring

 BECOMING-MACHINE: An artistic exploration of human-machine blurring

An Intriguing Hybrid Digital Art Exhibition Blurring the Boundaries of Human and Machine

capitArt x Artsect Gallery presents BECOMING-MACHINE, a captivating digital art exhibition poised to challenge the boundaries between the human and the machine. This unique showcase, officially part of The Wrong Biennale 2023/24, invites audiences to explore the intersection of art, technology, and human creativity. Whether you’re in London or the virtual realm, BECOMING-MACHINE promises an intriguing journey into the world of AI art.

Breaking Boundaries in Art and Technology

BECOMING-MACHINE blurs the lines between the physical and the digital, offering a humorous take on the concept of AI art. The exhibition is a testament to the evolving relationship between humans and machines. It will be available for exploration in two distinct formats:

  • Virtual Reality (VR): From November 1st, 2023, to March 1st, 2024, you can immerse yourself in the digital realm through Mozilla Hubs, where the art defies the constraints of the physical world.
  • Physical Exhibition: Visit Artsect Gallery in London from November 2nd to November 4th, 2023, to witness this artistic fusion in person. It’s a unique opportunity to experience the artwork up close.

Meet the Curator and Artists

Curated by Isil Ezgi Celik, BECOMING-MACHINE delves into the transformative process where subjects humorously merge and connect with machines and machinic elements, transcending traditional human-machine boundaries. The experience challenges fixed identities and encourages creative exploration of potentialities and new modes of existence.

The Deleuzian Perspective

In the Deleuzian framework, “becoming-machine” refers to a mode of existence where a subject engages in a process of merging or connecting with machines or machinic elements. It’s about transformation that goes beyond the traditional human-machine divide, where boundaries are radically reconfigured, and identities incorporate machinic elements.

Machines, in this context, aren’t limited to mechanical devices but encompass a wide range of non-human entities, including technological apparatus, social systems, and abstract concepts. BECOMING-MACHINE is a journey of creative exploration, intensities, and flows of desire. By embracing this transformation, the subject opens itself to new connections, affects, and modes of existence. This disruption of established categories generates new possibilities for thought, perception, and action.

Engage and Learn

BECOMING-MACHINE offers more than just an art exhibition. Engage in stimulating discussions on the social implications of AI art during the “(Social Philosophy of) AI Art Talk Event.” Moderated by Asst Prof Emre Sunter and featuring exhibiting artist and author Christophe Bruchansky, this event dives deep into the influence of AI on society.

Explore the special VR display, “Me, Myself & My Avatars” by Lena Biresch, and learn how to incubate artistic inspiration from dreams and capture and recall images from them during “Workshop 1” by author, exhibiting artist, and academic Deirdre Barrett. These additional public events enrich the BECOMING-MACHINE experience.

The Wrong Biennale: Pushing Digital Art Boundaries

The Wrong Biennale stands as one of the most extensive digital art biennales today. It gathers digital art and its precursors under one banner, creating a radical experience that crosses physical and virtual spaces, challenging traditional concepts of art and exhibition.

capitArt: Exploring the Unconventional

capitArt is an inclusive and experimental art platform based in London. It’s committed to probing the boundaries of contemporary art by curating exhibitions that challenge conventional thinking, provoke discussions, and inspire non-commercial creative exploration.

Artsect Gallery: Nurturing Creativity with Technology

Artsect Dao Gallery is a Decentralized Arts Organisation that develops, creates, and incubates creative productions using Web3 technology. With immersive NFT gallery spaces in London and China and an ecosystem of metaverse investment partners, the collective is catalyzing culture and developing decentralized consumer infrastructure to support the next evolution of the creative industries.

Discover BECOMING-MACHINE, where art and technology converge, and the boundaries between human and machine dissolve. Whether you choose to explore it in VR or visit the physical exhibition, you’re in for an artistic journey that challenges conventions and inspires creativity.

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